222 hat
222 hat
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222 hat

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for the girlies who make any and all decisions based on a sighting of their favorite angel number

angel number 222 - Alignment, creativity, intuition, and connection. You are growing and goodness is coming! This is all a result of your persistence, balance and willingness to stay hopeful and tender throw the ebbs and flows of the human experience. A message from your angels to stay hopeful, you are on the right path.

we searched for months for the best fitting, well made dad hat blanks we could and worked with our neighborhood embroidery shop to make these ethereal hats for you!

100% cotton classic dad hat fit - stone with natural embroidery thread 

can fit ages 5-100 with sturdy adjustable strap back, so everyone can be an angel on earth

dreamed up and designed by the same same team!